Saturday, 19 August 2017

EBiSSH Member Ranking | EBiDAN Member Ranking Week 2

Wow, we're already on our 2nd week of our EBiDAN ranking series! This week it was Angi's turn to choose which group we did and she chose EBiSSH. I didn't know very much about EBiSSH beforehand - I only really knew that one of the members, Naoya was Takuya from Bullet Train's younger brother - so this gave me a great opportunity to get to know them a little better.

This post might be a little shorter than my M!LK post last week since I'm still getting to know EBiSSH and haven't been a fan of theirs as long as I have been of M!LK but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! Here's my ranking of the members of the group EBiSSH.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Hot Singing Anime Boys | An Introduction to Virtual Male Idols Part 1

As with most people, my introduction to the world of Jpop was through anime. While I don’t watch anime as much as I once did, there are a few series I make time for on occasion. I’m also quite into otome games (anime-style romance games for girls). So of course, as a huge male idol fan one of my favourite genres in both of these areas is - you guessed it - male idols. While real male idols are where my heart mostly lies, that doesn’t mean I can’t love 2D ones too! Here’s a little guide I put together of anime and games I enjoy that have a focus on male idols.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

M!LK Member Ranking | EBiDAN Member Ranking Week 1

Hello all! Today I'll be sharing with you my personal ranking of the members of M!LK; from my favourite to my least favourite (but of course I love all the members!). I hope you enjoy it and it helps you to get to know the members a little better.

This is a collab with the lovely Angi from It's All About JMusic so be sure to check out her post as well! We'll each be doing our own ranking of the members from a different EBiDAN group every week. On this first week I got to pick which group we did so of course I chose my favourite group, M!LK. Now, let's get started! 

Saturday, 5 August 2017

EBiDAN's International Members

I recently renewed my subscription to Stardust Channel because I missed being able to watch EBiDAN concerts. I couldn't have picked a better time because EBiDAN THE LIVE was actually livestreaming on there yesterday and I managed to catch some of it! I really enjoyed what I saw and can't wait to see the full thing but I'll hopefully talk about EBiDAN THE LIVE more in another blog post.

For the last week or so I've been catching up on videos on Stardust Channel that I'd missed or hadn't watched since I temporarily cancelled my subscription. One such video was the recording of Hoshio Matsuri 2015, a concert for the EBiDAN 39&KiDS members. One particular part of that concert I found interesting was a short corner where some of the international members were interviewed. It was very cute. The members spoke in their native languages (mostly English), answering questions such as where their parents were from and what kind of things they associate with Japan.

Inspired by this and also my recent interest in the 39&KiDS units ZeBRASTAR and AMEZARI -RED STARS- which both contain foreign members, I thought I'd put together a general introduction post to EBiDAN's international members for anyone else who might be interested.

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