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Identity, Belonging, and Being a Chameleon | Dansei Idol Girl

I’ve always been somewhat of a chameleon. Now what do I mean by that? For pretty much as long as I can remember I would go through phases where I would discover something new, become almost obsessed with it, and end up virtually leaving everything else I was interested in before completely behind. This interest would run its course (this could last anywhere from literally a few minutes to a month or so) until I inevitably lost interest, either getting distracted by some other new, shiny thing or just getting bored and losing ethusiasm.

For a while this frustrated me; putting time, effort, and money into something I thought I really cared about only to wake up one morning and be completely neutral to it, even in some cases not wanting to think about it at all because it felt like I’d ‘failed’ or given up. Eventually I learnt to deal with it though. It wasn’t ideal but I just let my interests take me wherever they wanted to go and tried not to get too carried away with each new phase that came along.

That was until my “Jpop boy group phase” happened. I had been into male idol groups for such a long time that I was actually beginning to relax and think “okay, maybe writing this blog is something I can actually do long-term”. I didn’t know where this blog would end up or if anything would even come of it at all but I knew that writing about male idol groups was something I really enjoyed doing and was the only thing about me that had felt consistent for a long time.

But, inevitably, it just...stopped. And it hit me harder than any of my other passing interests had done in a long while. I know it’s normal to have multiple interests. I know it’s normal to get excited about something new but eventually end up calming down after a time. I know it’s normal to lose your motivation sometimes but for me it’s always been 100% right down to 0%. It’s not just moving on from old interests and hobbies, it’s feeling empty and not knowing who I am anymore. Because for me, what I’m interested in and how I fit into certain groups has always been completely synonymous with my personal identity. I’m still learning to see myself as more than just what I like and the people I associate with it.

And that’s just it. One of the underlying reasons for these changes has always been my desire to fit in. To belong somewhere. When I went through my cringey emo phase when I was 11 it was because I wanted to be one of the “cool emo kids”. When I first got into anime it was because I wanted to make friends who were nerdy. That isn’t to say I was writing this blog just to get “popular” - I really did love it and want to share the talents of Jpop boy groups with you all - but I think deep down I was hoping that people would take notice of me and I would finally find a “group” that I belonged with.

So what happens now? This blog will be on hold for the time being but who knows? My interests have been known to go back on themselves sometimes so maybe I’ll be back. Maybe I’ll decide to start another blog instead that doesn’t have so much of a particular theme. I have no idea.

This post ended up getting pretty personal so I may end up deleting it at some point. But if you read the whole thing thank you and thanks for sticking with me until now. Bye for now! 

Oh SMAP! | Former SMAP Members Throw Shade at JE with New Project

If you're a Johnny's Enterainment fan, or even just a Jpop fan in general you're probably aware of the fact that SMAP disbanded last year. SMAP was probably JE's best known group, having been in the entertainment industry for about 25 years. Their single, "Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana" is in the Oricon charts literally every week still despite being 15 years old. So of course it was met with great shock and sadness when such an influential group disbanded and departed from the agency.

I have Eurovision, I have Asia, UGH! | Thoughts on Eurovision Asia

So this happened.

I'm sure most people are familliar with it, but for those who don't know Eurovision is an international TV song competition where various European artists compete, represtening their country. It was recently announced that for the first time Eurovision Asia will be held, which will be the Asia-Pacific counterpart of the contest. Little is set in stone yet but it's expected to take place in 2018.

We're Gonna Be Late For Idol School! | My Top 5 School-Themed Music Videos

Here in the UK and in many other parts of the world, September is the start of the academic year. For me at least it marks the end of being able to sit around all day fangirling and having to get my butt back to college and start being somewhat productive again. But I still continue fangirling in my breaks, of course.

If you're anything like me, returning to school/college/wherever isn't exactly something to look forward to but luckily, some of our favourite Jpop boy groups have our backs with some cute school-themed music videos we can sneakily watch in class when we're supposed to be doing work. So grab your seifuku and your buttered toast because here are a few of my favourites.

MAGiC BOYZ Member Ranking | EBiDAN Member Ranking Week 6

Yo, what's up my homies? I felt like I should greet you like that because of who this week's group is. What was that? You think I should never say that again? I completely agree. I was half-tempted to begin this post with a screenshot of Ryuto giving the camera the middle finger.


This week it was Angi's turn to chose the group for our little collab and much to my surprise, she chose MAGiC BOYZ. AKA the group I pretend to hate but actually love 100% unironically. So let's get started! Yo, brap, and whatever the cool kids say these days.

Most Accessible Jpop Boy Groups for Overseas Fans | Jpop on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube?

One of the main reasons I believe that Jpop often doesn't catch the interest of as many people overseas as Kpop does is its lack of accesibility. Most Kpop artists are more than interested in growing their overseas fanbase and it's pretty easy to find Kpop songs on sites like YouTube and iTunes with a simple search. However with Jpop, depending on the artist it can still be a little difficult to find their content if you don't live in Japan.

There are still many Japanese labels who only make their artist's music videos available to Japanese audiences or worse; don't let their music videos be uploaded online at all. A lot of Japanese artists do have their music up to purchase on iTunes these days but most only make it available to buyers in the Japanese store so if you're a foreigner your only option is to get the physical CD imported from Japan which not everyone can afford for every single release.

Of course there are ways around these obstacles *cough* e.g. proxy services, hiding your IP address, sneaky fan uploads *cough* but if you're just getting into Jpop for the first time you probably don't want to go through all of that trouble! So I've complied a list of a few of the more easy to access Jpop boy groups; taking into account factors such as their music and videos being available outside of Japan, how much information can be found on them in English, and how involved they've been with their foreign audience in the past. Notice how there aren't any Johnny's Entertainment groups in this list. Then let's go!

Milky School Idol Project | M!LK's "Yakusoku" MV Reaction featuring My Boyfriend

Yesterday M!LK released the music video for "Yakusoku" (Promise) which will be featured on their upcoming debut album, "Ousama no Gyuunyuu". I hope there will be more music videos for this album, though I'm pretty sure there will be since Majibo just recently released an album and three of the songs from that got music videos.

My boyfriend was over at my house while I was watching this music video for the first time, and since I haven't done a Jpop Boy Groups According to My Boyfriend in a while I thought I'd include some of his comments in this post. I hope you enjoy my fangirling and his sarcasm, haha.

Choutokkyuu Member Ranking | EBiDAN Member Ranking Week 5

Somehow we're already on week 5 of the EBiDAN collab. Yet again, it was my turn to choose the group so I chose Choutokkyuu/Bullet Train! Choutokkyuu were actually the first EBiDAN group that I discovered. They may not be my favourite group anymore but I still love all the members dearly. Now then, let's get started!

My Top 5 EBiDAN 39&KiDS Members

I've had a bit of EBiDAN fever lately, what with all of the exciting things that have been happening over the last few months. Two groups announce their debut albums (I love Majibo and their album is lit, don't judge me), EBiDAN THE LIVE and Hoshio Matsuri 2017, plus my collab with Angi from It's All About JMusic is already on its 5th week. I've been finding lots of other EBiDAN fans online too. I'm so hype. I'm living life in the fast lane since ditching Johnny's Entertainment for EBiDAN. I mean, what?

So are you guys sick of me talking about EBiDAN yet? A little? Sorry but here's another EBiDAN post. This one isn't about the debuted groups though. Today I'm going to introduce you all to my favourite EBiDAN 39&KiDS members because Jeffrey Malone and his terrible dancing are so important. This won't be in any particular order though because they're all my babies and I can't pick a favourite.

PrizmaX Member Ranking | EBiDAN Member Ranking Week 4

It's time for the EBiDAN member ranking posts again, and this time Angi chose PrizmaX! I knew next to nothing about them before I started this post. I tried so hard to give them a chance since they're pretty much the only EBiDAN group that I'm not really interested in but sadly I have to admit that I'm still not super into them. It was fun getting to know the members a little better though.

M!LK's 3rd Anniversary and Album Debut

It was recently announced that EBiDAN group, M!LK will finally release their first album. Its title is "Ousama no Gyuunyuu" (King's Milk) and it will be released on November 22nd. Release events will commence on September 9th.

SUPER★DRAGON Member Ranking | EBiDAN Member Ranking Week 3

Now we're on week 3 of the EBiDAN collab and this time it was my turn to choose the group again so I chose SUPER★DRAGON! Ranking the members was pretty hard to do since they're such a big group and I love them all so much. But anyway, here it is and I hope you enjoy it~

Marius Yo in an American Sitcom? | Plus General Rantings About Sexy Zone and JE

This is my first time posting about a Johnny's Entertainment group on here and I'm a little late with this news since it was announced almost a week ago but nonetheless I wanted to talk a little about the recent announcement that Sexy Zone member Marius Yo will be appearing in an episode of Fuller House.

Sexy Zone was the first Japanese boy group that I became interested in, actually. I discovered them while watching J-MELO (an international TV show about Japanese music). This was around the time that their second single, "Lady Diamond" was released and a short clip of it was shown during J-MELO's new releases segment.

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